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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

>>>Martin Bialasinski wrote:
 > J> having some other intermittent connection, have to workaround some
 > J> problems. And since the number of such machines is growing, I think
 > J> Debian should reconsider this decision.
 > I haven't heared that another MTAs do this better than exim. They
 > seem to be alike with respect to this.

I have had my systems run ning with intermittent network connection over a long time. I used to have sendmail/smail as MTA but then jumped ov er to postfix, which works realy nice in a laptop enviroment. (The main difference are probably that I have my own "upstream" MTA here at home and can modify that one if needed. The "only" promblem with Postfix is the removal statment in the licence...

/ Balp

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