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MICO version dependencies (multiple versions of a package)

To set the scene.  Programs which use services of the MICO CORBA repository
will depend on the version of MICO that they are compiled against.
Currently Debian has a "mico" package which changes (incompatibly) with every
upstream release.

Here is a snippet from a message from Stephen Kulow when we were privately
discussing this.

>I don't really see the difference between calling it mico-2.2.6 and
>calling it
>mico (2.2.6). As both versions still conflict, the user has to choose
>But the trouble to release a new package each time is simply not worth
>Of course in an ideal world each library package would have a package
>each incompatible version, but I'm not going to bear it and I'm sure the
>guy patching the package list neither :)
>Somehow I would prefer an official Debian policy in this point.

The significant issue IMHO is that when a new version of MICO is released and
some (but not all) dependant packages are released which depend on it there is
no way that a user can decide to install the old or the new version of MICO
depending on which sub-set of MICO applications they want.
I believe that the only real solution to this would be for Debian to support
the presense of multiple versions of a file in the archive.  That way if there
are always at least two versions of MICO in the archive at any time then the
user could select to install the latest version which has all the dependant
packages that they want.

What do you think?

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