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Re: shellutils grave bug

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Found the problem: the slink version of debhelper didn't strip the
> setuid bit from executables, the current potato version does. 

Wow really?

  * dh_fixperms: linux 2.1.x and 2.2.x differ from earlier versions in that
    they do not clear the suid bit on a file when the owner of that file
    changes. It seems that fakeroot behaves the same as linux 2.1 here. I
    was relying on the old behavior to get rid of suid and sgid bits on files.
    Since this no longer happens implicitly, I've changed to clearing the
    bits explicitly.
  * There's also a small behavior change involved here. Before, dh_fixperms
    did not clear suid permissions on files that were already owned by root.
    Now it does.
Ah, I see. I'm sorry this caused you trouble, it was a nasty fix for a nasty

see shy jo

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