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Re: final version of the new logo needed

Matt Kern wrote:
> I am not at all impressed by us having gifs on the website.  I really
> don't care whether they look slightly sharper than JPEGs -- we can always
> up the JPEG detail level a bit.  I *do* care about us using proprietary
> code to make them.  We may distribute non-free software, but as we are
> keen to point out, it is not part of the main distro.

Package: libungif3g
Priority: optional
Section: graphics
Description: shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
 This is a shared library for working with GIF images.
 The libungif library is a specially modified version of giflib which
 is free of the Unisys LZW patent.  It can read all GIFs, but only
 write uncompressed GIFs.  If you need to be able to write compressed
 GIFs, you can install the non-free giflib packages instead (which may
 not be available on CD).      

This is not proprietary code. 

see shy jo

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