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Re: How to I build a Debian package ?

	First of all, you should use debian-mentors for this :) That way
your mail will not get forgotten if there's too much traffic on -devel.
Secondly, look at the Debian Documentation Project for documents regarding
this subject (look at www.debian.org/doc).
	I have also written an article on making debian packages on
www.openresources.com, alas, it is not yet available...



On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 02:12:29PM +0200, Mark Nellemann wrote:
> Hi !
> I have been running Linux for some years now, Debian the last 2, but I
> havent had the time to help much. My school is almost finished now, so I
> going to get a lot of time soon, so I figured I wanted to help out.  My
> first thought was to learn how to build debs.  Can anyone point out some
> docs (I know there is some, but not which to read) or give me a short
> introduction ?  If there are other things I can help with  (I no
> programmer, but I got a server on a fast connection and can do lots of
> other things) I would be happy to do so.
> Regards ..
> Mark Nellemann
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