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Re: lsh 0.1 released (gpl'ed ssh)

> "J.H.M. Dassen" <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> writes:
> > I have a preliminary debianisation (mainly because it helps me compile it
> > easier). There are a couple of problems with packaging lsh I can see now.
> > - The daemon isn't a real daemon yet. I have patches for that which haven't
> >   been incorporated upstream.
> > - It relies on a non-free interpreter (scsh) for building. Tommi Virtanen has
> >   sent me details on how to use scm instead, so it'll be fit for non-us/main
> >   rather than non-us/contrib.
> > - I don't know how to resolve the port conflict. Port 22 is for the SSH
> >   protocol, both v1 and v2. lsh can fallback to calling sshd1 (just like
> >   sshd2 can), but I'm not sure how to properly ensure it, rather than sshd1,
> >   gets port 22.
> If you tell me an easy way to diagnose the presence of lsh, then I'll
> just make execution of sshd1 conditional on it not being there.

Why can't lsh and ssh provide ssh and sshd packages?  That way only one can be
installed -- like many other daemons do.

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