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Re: ip-{up,down} scripts

On debian-devel, Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> Sarel Botha <sjb@dundee.lia.net> writes:
> We should probably have a proper written policy for the ip-up/down
> setup.  I'll put something together from the ideas seen so far.  If
> you've got a bright idea, or a weird PPP setup you think I should take
> into account, please mail me.

I would like to see some clever logging facilities. I would like a log with a
single line for each connection, recording the name of the connection, user
who connected, the time of connection, the length of the call, and the reason
for disconnecting (user killed pppd, root killed pppd, modem hangup), and the
cost. So, it might look like this:

provider edward Jun  2 14:20:00 1800 user £1.20

Is that easy to implement? Where would I start? Maybe include the number of
bytes transfered in each direction. I think to be done properly it needs pppd
to be hacked about a bit, or can it be done in the ip-up/down scripts?

I want to know how much my phone bill costs before it reaches me. Would it be
easist just to try and phrase the current ppp log.

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