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Re: Processing new developers [was Re: Developing]

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 03:19:49PM +0000 , David Coe wrote:
> Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > ... It will be a
> > long time before you are maintainer, since theres a long list waiting
> > to be processed.
> Is the problem that there are too many developers already [I doubt 

not too maby, but 500+

> that], or that the list isn't being processed quickly enough?  

This is it. It takes time - 2-3 month on average.

> Is there anthing I (as one of those people in the queue) can do to help?

To speed up the newmaintainer process - nothing. If you sent all asked
material it should be in the above range, else it could take much longer.

In the mean time, as stated before, you can write documentation, try to fix
bugs on orphaned/debian-qa packages, ....

				Petr Čech
Debian GNU/Linux  -  maintainer & administrator

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