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Re: Developing

Jordan Evatt <jmevatt@truth.mccallie.org> writes:

> Hello... I'm interested in developing or packaging something for debian,
> to help the effort. I read everything on the site about "taking over"
> someone else's package or development, and that's why I'm sending this
> email. Does anyone have any suggestions or places I can start?
> I've been using linux for about a year, and now that I have everything
> in perfect working order, i want to do something for the debian cause
> (or something like that). Sooo... gimme something. I know a bit of c++
> programming, and I can write webpages as well (not that it matters), and
> i could learn how to use the debian development tools real fast.

First apply for maintainership. Until you got it, try to fix some bugs 
on other packages and do whatever anybody else suggested. It will be a 
long time before you are maintainer, since theres a long list waiting
to be processed.

May the Source be with you.

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