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Intent to package bnetd


Bnetd is a program that will eventually emulate a Blizzard Enterteinment's Battle.net(r) server. It started on linux platform, but has since been reported to work on BSD, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. Ith should compile and run on any standards-based Unix.
It currently supports most all Battle.net(r) features including:
* Starcraft, Starcraft Brood Wars and Starcraft Shareware game play
* Player login password
* Player statistics
* Chatting anc Chat clients
* User-created private channels
* Password protected games
* Logging of server activity
Some things on the todo list are:
* Ladder rankings
* Protocol support is incomplete
* Nice user editor
* Inter-server connectivity
* Latency status reports aren't 100%
* Auto-update of the client version
* Date/time is only an approximation right now

Diablo players can log in and chat but at the present times cannot start games.

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