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Re: ITP: libfestival-client-perl

David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> Description: Perl library for speaking text using Festival
>  This package allows you to communicate with a Festival server process
>  from Perl scripts, in order to allow simple voice output.  It does
>  not allow you to obtain or manipulate the generated waveform, nor
>  does it allow access to the internals of Festival.

Does this require that festival be run in server mode? Running festival in
sever mode is a huge security hole, you can enter arbitrary scheme code to
fiddle with files on the system, for example. It might not be a good idea to
package something that requires the user open a gigantic security hole on
their system to be useful.

I have a simple perl program written that runs as a wrapper around festival
in tts mode, accepts multiple clients, and says whatever any of them feed
into it. I've attached that.

see shy jo

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