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Yes, someone is writing edu stuff (2 screenfulls) (was Re: Educational software for Debian?)

Hi Andrew, *:

In brief, the answer to "is someone writing edu software?" is 'yes'. A bit
more detail follows:

I am writing some edu stuff and some things useful for admin in general or in
an edu lab:

  - disable-shell simply prints a message and returns failure exit status.
    Its purpose is to disable an account and tell a telnet or ssh user why
    the account was disabled, or at least who to talk to in order to get more

    The basic idea is to have a dir containing the messages and links in /bin
    or /sbin to the disable-shell binary and whose name is the name of one of
    the messages. You would create the message file, put it in the message dir
    and create a link in /bin named after the message file and pointing to the
    disable-shell bin. To disable an acct and have it print your message, 
    change the to-be-disabled user's shell to that shell.

  - Roster is a collection of perl scripts which were described in some detail
    in an earlier message posted to this list. Briefly, it automates some of
    the tasks involving adding students en masse to an arbitrary number of
    arbitrary kinds of servers.

  - I am also writing generic drill software in java and maybe also in c++,
    very preliminary, just now testing the generic question protocol and
    porting a music interval and reading drill I also wrote for the mac.


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