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Re: ITP: cyrus-imapd

On Fri, May 28, 1999 at 07:48:43PM +0300, Tommi Virtanen wrote:
>         Hi. I'm packaging Cyrus IMAPD from
>         http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/cyrus/imapd/

I had originally filed an ITP on this one; it's been a while, though,
and I've been waiting on my new maintainer application (which went
through finally on Wednesday).

Furthermore, I have stopped using the package.  I still like it, but
for my needs at home, it's overkill, so I switched to UW imapd.

So, if you still want it, you can have it.  I have several other
packages and other things to tend to, so it might take a little
more time anyway.  Let me know either way.

>         My non-native english says this is "don't charge money
>         for distribution", but otherwise free:

In other words, non-free.  I was planning to E-mail CMU and ask
really nicely why they felt they needed to put in the "non-
commercial, except for this group who we really like" clause
in the license, and try to plead a case for the GPL.

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