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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

I've been thinking about this a bit and thought something similar to the way apt keeps track of sources would be appropriate.  We can start with a 
simple flat file (I personally favor the Packages.gz layout, but don't 
really have any strong opinions here).  There can also be remotely 
accessable databases.  The first implementation can probably get away with 
only flat file support and add networking stuff later.  The source list can 
be prioritized so if you don't find your config from the first source, try 
the next one, until you run out and prompt the user or leave the package 
unconfigured (heck "prompt" and "unconfigured" can be two more sources).  
The important thing is to agree on a spec, program name, program options, 
source file layout, and to get a simple implementation which we can build 
on.  Expandability is important.

Thanks for reading, constructive criticism is welcome,

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