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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

an XML config file:

    <PACKAGE name="foo">

    If we write a parser(there are already many written) we could have the
author write the DTD/XML doc for each package and the install script could
extract the info from it, also a simple editor could be written(or you can
use vi :) ) so it can be edited before installation, making it easy to
customize the install. The customization could also be done via scripts, in
the case of massive installs. This would also allow someone to change the
machine specific stuff i.e.. hostname, ip addr, network options...
    Another nice thing, the XML docs, and DTD could be included from an
outside file. One could write it so that only the machine specific stuff
resided in the top level  file and inline the rest, making it even easier to
customize the installation for each machine.

Steve Przepiora

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> On May 27, Massimo Dal Zotto <dz@cs.unitn.it> wrote:
>  >My proposal was that each package has his own namespace, with names like
>  ><PACKAGE>_<VARNAME>. A global namespace CONFIG must be defined for
>  >variables, like hostname, newsserver, etc., and these names must
>  >be discussed in advance by all developers.
> I think we want a deeper tree-like structure for general configuration
> data and a /packages/<PACKAGE>/<VARNAME> tree for packages private data.
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> ciao,
> Marco
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