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Re: Editor for the rescue floppy (was: An 'ae' testimony (suggestion))

goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de (Goswin Brederlow) writes:

> What about joe or zile or mcedit or if you realy need a small editor,
> take zsh and its editor script..
mcedit heavily depends on MC and is therefore quite large...
> I also would love to have mc on the rescue disk and with that mcedit
> would be the editor of choise.
Yes, mcedit would be really nice since it is not as braindead as so
many other easy editors and above all allows undoing actions.  But it
is simply too large together with MC.  But it would be a great tool
for inclusion in a rescue CD setup.
                                     Cheers, P. *8^)
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