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Re: PROPOSAL: automatic installation and configuration

Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:

> The advantage of my tool, or any similar solution, is that the changes
> are very small and limited only to the installation scripts.

No, you also need to change most of the *config files, like eximconfig and
apacheconfig as they also ask questions. I think we should add a chapter
to our policy to forbid postinsts and *configs to ask questions if a valid
config file was found. So you could do an automatic installation by just
copying the config files from another machine before installing the

> If this change in policy would be approved it would take a few days or
> weeks to modify all the installation scripts.

I guess it will take much longer but I like your ideas. They are not as
"clean" as Wichert's proposal but are easier to implement.

> For those of you who are interested in the code, the latest versions of my
> experimental packages can be found at:

Please go ahead and send a formal proposal to debian-policy on both
of your topics (dpkggetconfig and net).

Stefan Gybas

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