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Re: SGML packages in debian (also ITP XML::*)

I was digging back through the mailing list, and found this message
from around the first of April... the list of packages below caught
my eye...

> Still to be packged:
>   XML::Parser (perl expat frontend), other perl XML stuff

I've done XML::Parser already, and am now working on the others...
(consider this an ITP them... I've been a little lax, but I'm going
to catch up this weekend, I promise ;)

>   OpenXML  (should be free)
>   XML4j (not sure if utterly free, but close)
>   Cacoon (see the Apache/Java project)

What about these?  Are any of these still needed?  I'm definitely
interested in seeing that all the XML tools that are needed will
be packaged, as I plan to start working with XML myself ;)


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