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Re: I'd like to suggest a new installation method for Debian

"Pauli Ojanpera" <pauli_ojanpera@hotmail.com> writes:

> Wouldn't it be useful to have an option for Debian remote install through 
> network?
> I mean this:
> - Boot the computer you're going to install Debian to with a installation 
> boot disk.
> - Configure the installation through a telnet session using a remote 
> workstation.
> - Get the packages through network. (tftp)
> Installer should have a network card driver (could a general ne2000 or some 
> other driver be used?) and telnetd what else?
> What do you think?

Or even better. Make a boot-disk on the server, stick it into a fresh
system, boot, go to the cinema, come back to a finished installation.

Or for the CD, select the bootdisk with the selection of packages you
want or select the packages after booting from CD and configure them
in the background while the system is installing.

I working on a way to implement this. Packages will apear soon.

May the Source be with you.

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