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Re: why one rescue & boot disk? (was Re: An 'ae' testimony)

Well, for as long as I've been using Debian(shortly after 1.3.1 came out), the
CD has been bootable, and useable as a rescue disk.  Sure, it's not completely
useful, but you can boot from it, get a shell, etc...for compatability with
older systems without the "boot from CD" in their BIOS, we need to continue
development of the floppy install method, but I agree that the CD boot could
give more features than the floppies.

							Dave Bristel

On 24 May 1999, Christian Leutloff wrote:

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> Subject: Re: why one rescue & boot disk? (was Re: An 'ae' testimony)
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> Mark Blunier <blunier@ocslink.com> writes:
> > My latest recovey floppy is not a floppy at all, but a bootable CD,
> > that runs root the root fs in a ram disk, and then links back to the
> > CD which is a complete copy of a working debian image.  This gives
> > me vi, emacs, X, copies of all the library files, and anything I'd
> > might need to repair something thats broke.
> superb, IMHO that's called a Live-CD. Would it be possible to
> integrate the creation stuff into the debian-cd script? It would be
> really nice if people can test Debian on a CD-ROM first.
> Bye
>   Christian
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