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Re: potato bash: segfault instead of beep

On Mon, May 24, 1999 at 12:52:08AM +0200, Johannes Beigel wrote:
> I have a problem with bash (the newest version from potato, downloaded
> and installed with apt-get):
> Wenn I type <backspace> at an empty prompt or when I press <tab> when
> the completion is not unique the bash crashes with a segfault.
> So I think it actually crashes when it "wants to ring the bell".
> Other Programs still beep of course (XEmacs, vi..) and an
>     echo '\007'
> or a C program calling
>     fprintf (stderr, "\a");
> works correctly, too.

Doesn't happen here.  Of course OTHER things are randomly segfaulting
here...  Seems to be an issue with the latest glibc 2.1 package.

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