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Re: netscape crashes on potato

So the people who don't see crashes, which version of Netscape are you using?
Do you use java successfully in Netscape? Do you have plugger installed? Do
you have any other plugins installed? Which versions of libc are you using?

# dpkg -l \*netscape\* | grep ^hi
hi  netscape-base-4 5              Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (bas
hi  netscape-base-4 4.5-1          Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (bas
hi  netscape-java-4 4.5-1          Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (jav

Unfortunately all the later versions have an erroneous dependency on glicb2.1
(I'm pretty certain Netscape hasn't released any glibc 2.1 dependent binaries!) 

Actually, would it be possible to bug the netscape maintainer into releasing
libc5 packages? That might solve a lot of problems since the libc5 version
isn't actually beta... 

Remco Blaakmeer <remco-blaakmeer@quicknet.nl> writes:

> On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Dan Nguyen wrote:
> > > Is this just me??or is this a glibc2.1 issue?

No, I have these problems with glibc2.0.

I would *love* to find out why some people don't have problems and fix this.

> > My netscape just loves to go insane.  I try to visit a page, and it
> > begins to take up 100% cpu time, and doesn't stop.  Generally after a
> > minute of waiting to see that it's gone I end up killing it.  I've had
> > this problem with 4.5 and 4.51

I've seen this problem too. 100% cpu and 100% memory too. I've never seen a
128Mb desktop thrash its swap so badly before. Linux really doesn't behave any
better in this case than I remember 1.2.13 doing, sigh.

> I've had this, too, with both navigator 4.0x and navigator 4.5x. Try
> disabling java support and see if that helps. It helped me a lot.
> Somehow, either the java vm in glibc2 netscape is very buggy or there are
> a whole lot of buggy java applets out there, or both.

I have java disabled already because any java reliably causes Netscape to seg
fault immediately. As soon as I hit a page with an applet in it boom, gone.

If I had to guess I would guess the memory thrashing was some loop running off
the end of a buffer and going through all of its heap, possibly related to
javascript stuff. Hm, what kind of gc does javascript use? If it's something
like the Boehm conservative gc... Well this is all conjecture.


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