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Re: Intent to package: tuxeyes

My appologies for following up to my own post.  Although I checked the
WNPP [Work-Needing and Prospective Packages] and the debian-devel archives
before posting, I was informed by the upstream maintainer that an
intent-to-package has already gone out for this package.  I checked the
archives more carefully and discovered that "talein@whitestar.b5" 
announced on the 4th of April, 1999, that he intended to upload tuXeyes
"in a few days". 

In a later post, talon@murphy.debian.org posted regarding this package to
debian-devel, and appeared to be the same person.

Talon/Talein, would you please contact me regarding this package?

In the event that Talon/Talein does not inform me that he still wishes to
package tuXeyes, I would like to do so.  Of course, he has precedence, as
he made the announcement earlier.

Thanks, everyone.

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