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Re: Pthread programming

Scavenging the mail folder resulted in Patrick Bertholon writing:
>                   Hello,
>     I'm making a program using Linux pthread, from the glibc 2.0.7t.
> There are few points that I'd like to understand more.
>      1) With linux Posix Thread, when a thread receive a signal (for
> example a segmentation fault), do  the other thread of the same program
> automatically receive the same signal, or there is an attribute to
> activate ?

If I remember correctly, different threads have different pids and
only one thread receive the signal.

>      2)  Is there a mean for a thread to know in which state are the
> other thread of the same program (ie running, waiting, killed,
> stoped...) ?

I think there is a function but I don't have docs here.


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