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Re: optimisation??

On Tue, May 18, 1999 at 08:05:04AM +0200, Horvath Akos Peter wrote:
> 2. Why use just -O2? The egcs people have been working for years to make
> the compiler better. For us (too). -O6 makes faster binaries.

Because anything higher than -O2 can cause some problems not related to
the compiler, but in the coding of the program. We want a stable
distribution, and this is the best way to handle it. Most programs
don't need optimization anyway (`uname` does not really need to be fast
now does it?).

> 4. What is the reason behind chmod -x the shared libs? With it, the so-s
> will be un-ldd-able -> dephelper have hard time to find out the
> dependencies, and nobody will be able to find out, what shared libs is
> needed by another. I do not see any reason to make this. I use chmod +x
> {,/usr}/lib/* after every update, and my system works perfectly.

Because libraries don't need to be executable, and you are incorrect,
ldd works just fine on them. The simple warning it outputs is useless
and does not affect the outcome.

> 5. I think it would be better if the debian/rules had a new target rule,
> named config. -> no need to rerun the configure script if whenever
> somebody wants to rebuild a .deb more than once.

That is a maintainers preference. I for one have a pre-binary-stamp
which the binary-stamp depends on. configure is run in the pre-binary
stage and, make is used to build in the binary stage. This acheives
your suggestion, but again, it is up to the maintainer as to whether or
not this is the right way.

> 6. Why are static libs in the -dev packages? Nobody needs static
> libraries. It is an archaic thing, and (except in very interesting
> situations) are not needed. (Or should gone to some -static packages).

You may not use static libs, but some people do, especially when
building programs that need to be pretty stable across several versions
and distributions of Linux. A -static package would be nice, but I only
see it useful for things that are pretty large (like libc or xlib)
since it will increase the number of packages in the archive a lot.

> 7. My opinion: the most correct solution would be if the debian/rules
> could handle CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS environment variables even if the
> standard compilation scripts did not handle them - but would use -O6
> -fomit-frame-pointer as default.

For the debian/rules file to use those flags would be nice, your
defaults are somewhat preferential, and are not good for common builds.

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