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Re: VX Chipsets and 2.2.5

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Michael Beattie wrote:

> Ahhh... The reason he said this was that OS/2 wouldnt boot... but that was
> the latest version... beta even.

Uhm. FYI, Warp5 *DOES* boot on VXpro, thank you muchly. I used my screwed
up VXpro for a Warp5 machine for a few days. (Then I realized it was just
too slow and unreliable.)
> US$?  Double it for me. And I am a student... :(  no money.

Ouch. :(
> I get the occasional IDE reset at the moment.... but only when my 32x
> CDROM drive decides it doesnt want to spin up that dodgey written CD.
> Anyway, It's VERY hard to find PI motherboards now, (In my city anyway) so
> I might just see how long an uptime I get with my potato box running
> 2.0.36

*shrug* I'd reboot it bi-weekly. Those things *will* kill themselves if
you have something >60 days of uptime. (That's how I killed two of them, a
TXpro, and several other boards.) Just won't boot again. Don't ask me why.


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