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Re: Uploading to pandora (nonus)

In article <cistron.87iu9yri9u.fsf@femto.dyn.ml.org>,
Guy Maor  <maor@debian.org> wrote:
>Many of you are confused because you are getting messages that your
>packages are new when they really aren't, or perhaps dinstall is
>rejecting them because it can't find the orig.tar.gz.
>Because nonus is now divided into main, non-free, and contrib, you
>must specify this in the distribution or section, just as you do for
>an upload to master.
>So specify the section as `non-us/non-free' or `non-us/contrib'.  It's
>fine to put something after that if you want to, `non-us/non-free/web'
>for example.  It will just be ignored.

How do I distinguish between "stable" and "unstable" in this scenario ?

How do I define that my package should go into:

- unstable
- non-US
- main


- unstable
- non-US
- non-free

There is something I have never understood and can't find in the docs
either. Since I don't have any non-free or non-US packages (yet) I never
had to worry about this.

Indifference will certainly be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?

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