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Re: Homapages in list of maintainers

Hi. Thank you for your replies. I got relief to know 
this "long waiting queue" issue is rather common to all newcomers.

In article <oaaevcn3yk.fsf@arroz.fake>
 Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> Yes, well, it takes from 4 weeks to 6 months or longer for *all*
> people.  I agree this should be shorter...  Anyhow Debian-JP is *not*
> getting singled out.  Everyone has this issue.

I remeber the mail about 6 months waiting recently on this list.
It's surely uncomfortable state which should be avoidable as much 
as we can.

> IF there's not way the guy can get a phone call, I'm afraid there's no
> way they can be confirmed and become a developer.

Maybe he can get a call on holiday, I suppose. He is only afraid
that he can't set time windows to new maitainers team, and 
he thought that the time of getting the call is unpredictable at all.

> According to James, all he says is "it's unlikely to be between 8AM
> and 4PM British time on Monday-Friday".
> No one is asking you to sit by the phone for 3 months.  But if you can
> only be reached at number XX-YYY at the hours of 3-7 GMT on Saturday,
> then tell the new maintainers that.  Give them time windows that work
> for you.  Give them a few different numbers and suggested times.  I
> mean, common sense, people.

Thanks for your information. That is what I want to know.

> Sure, but put people in the queue.  It may take up to 3 months or
> longer if you're hard to reach on the phone -- so just plan on that.

3 months or longer ! (sigh) but if it is required condition, 
all we can do is just to wait in the queue ...

> Well, I think it's pretty clear that we need more active people in the
> New Maintainer Group.  I hereby volunteer (I'm in the US, NYC area,
> and only speak English and smidgeons of Spanish, German, and French).

I respect the people in the New Maintainer Group including you
for their work. I hope there were the one in Japan, but no one can
force the current official maintainer in JP to take charge of it,,,

> > P.S.
> > I think, and hope that the Debian is "open" project.
> It is -- don't get paranoid.  The New Maintainer Group is just swamped
> a bit.  I think it needs more people -- highly trustable people, of
> course.

I hope the New Maintaier Group can find the highly trustable and 
active "official" maintainer as their member in Japan, or somewhere 
in the far-east area.

  Taketoshi Sano: <xlj06203@nifty.ne.jp>

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