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Re: Setup API, The next step (Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal)

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Neil <davidne@corel.ca> writes:

    Dave> Hi Everyone, There does not seem to be any objections to the
    Dave> initial proposal of doing a setup API and perhaps rethinking
    Dave> how we do an install.  Would it be possible to come to a
    Dave> consensus on this and decide if it's worth pursuing as a
    Dave> joint project together?

 It's obviously worth pursuing.  The Linux distribution developer
 community needs this.

    Dave> Here's an idea for a time table.  1.For Potato i386 we work
    Dave> together support an X install and the new setup API
    Dave> system. Perhaps a joint GTK based install GUI if it would
    Dave> help move this forward.

 The setup API ought to be specified with something that can be used
 to generate stubs for both GTK and KDE.  There ought to be an
 underlevel that's in a library of its own, with calls designed for a
 user interface to utilize as a backend.  Maybe that backend code
 could run in separate threads, so the UI can stay fresh and display
 status information?  (I'll try and keep that sort of thing in the
 back of my mind while I read.  I've begun to read about C++ and OOP.)

 (KDE/QT and Gnome/GTK+ ought to get their heads together and specify
 a standard way of propagating style or theme information and whatnot.
 Do I stand alone on this one?  Am I way off base?)

 I've only a vague notion of this sort of system at this point... as
 I've been saying lately, ask me again in two years.  I'll shut up
 now. :-|

    Dave> 3.We help with the dselect replacement, perhaps starting
    Dave> with work based around gnome-apt.

 I liked the idea of a common `thing' that could be driven by a UI
 running with either X (pick your GUI toolkit of choice), curses,
 CGI/WWW or perhaps even an automated thing, like Red Hat's

 What ever happened to `deity'?  I thought it was pretty neat.  Like
 the emacsen and xwpe, it ran on both X and a console or xterm.  Not
 too shabby, IMO.  I guess if it used GGI, it would do framebuffers,
 tty, and X all from one program, isn't that right?

 What's the KDE `kpackage' like?  How does it compare to `gnome-apt'
 and `dselect'?  I've never gotten it to build.  (It bombs in the rpm
 support stuff.)

 Something I've noticed about `gnome-apt' and `apt' is that they don't
 seem to support removing and purging a package as separate things.  I 
 think it's important for the package tools to have both of those
 options available.

 If `dselect' had the filtering things that `gnome-apt' had, it would
 be very much improved!  I still like it better than `gnome-apt' for
 many reasons, in particular, for keyboard control of the interface.

    Dave> We here at Corel can and will put a lot of our resources
    Dave> into developing this.  My hope is that we can work together
    Dave> to help Debian also benefit from this.  By keeping it
    Dave> flexible in its design we should be able to make it fit into
    Dave> each our own visions of how it behaves and looks.  This is
    Dave> now up to you the Debian developers to decide if it's ago.

 I'll help by continuing my studies.  It's great that Corel is getting
 involved with the Debian project!  I'd like to see others here as
 well, including Red Hat software.  Corporate industry support is
 something we need, both for mentorship and potential future paying

 What ever happened to `Yggdrasil Plug-n-Play Linux'?  They have the
 best name for a Linux distribution out of all of them, IMO.  It's
 occured to me that perhaps "Yggdrasil" would be a better name for
 Debian than "Debian" is.

 Karl M. Hegbloom, Student, Portland State University, OR, USA

 Time to read.

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