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Re: Debian coding style?

On May 07, Amy Fong <uwd38znr@umail.furryterror.org> wrote:
 >Basically I'm with the Corel Linux group and this is what the Corel
 >Linux Coding guidelines say... (follows). A few note-worthy ones are:
These looks like being windows and C++ oriented.

 >Will the Debian community be excrusiatingly unhappy with this?
It's really a matter between you and the author of the package you are
If you are proposing patches for inclusion in upstream releases follow
the style of the author.
If you are writing from scratch code only useful for debian use the
style you most like, but try to not deviate from the common one used in
unix environments.

 >c) Variable names must use hungarian notation (see below) followed by
I don't think hungarian notation is used by many unix programmers.

 >22. Localization: text which will be visible to the user should never be
 >embedded within the source code. All string literals should be placed in a
 >separate header file to ease the pain of possible future translation.
Please, please, please use GNU gettext. It has a good manual describing
everything a programmer needs to know about l10n features.

If you want to look at some common unix coding styles look in the
indent(1) manual for K&R and GNU styles and find with your favourite
ftp spider the file ihstyle.doc.


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