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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

On Thu, May 06, 1999 at 11:54:55AM -0400, Dave Neil wrote:

[snip - thanks for being so open about this - it avoids duplication of
effort if nothing else]

> 3. Kernel boot messages will be sent to an alternate console.

So what if you have a hanging kernel? Bug reports such as "it hangs after
printing something about hlt" will change into "it hangs".  How about
changing where they go after you have done the initial boot? (or changing VC
if you can't change where the messages go).

> 5. linuxrc  then mounts the cdrom on /instmnt and loads the  correct
> mouse driver and
>      corresponding  XF86Config file.

Please don't limit this nice install to CD-ROM. Whilst I understand this
will be the main installation method (particularly for Corel). It would be
nice to have at least some network install method (ftp would be by top
priority - install over ADSL), NFS being second.

> We are also looking at a a replacement for dselect(it would still be
> installed),
> as the primary means of  choosing custom packages, again this would be
> based from the setup UI calling the needed functions from within the
> setup API.

How does this compare to gnome-apt?

A friend was once looking at writing a generic API which implements
listboxes etc etc. The API would then map to various output styles:

a) X
b) curses
c) text console (for dodgy telnets and teletypes :-)

Of course, this library could be very useful elsewhere too (kernel's
wouldn't need "make config, make menuconfig, make xconfig" - they would just
have one).



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