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Re: Tampere, Finland

On Thu, May 06, 1999 at 06:53:59PM +0300, EXT KELEMEN Peter wrote:
> Dear fellow developers,
> During a nice meeting with Teemu and Jaakko, they brought to my
> attention that there may be other Debian developers in the Tampere
> region.  I'll stay in Tampere for one month, and I'd be pleased to meet
> other developers for key signing and chatting.

Are you also going around in other places?
If you come to Helsinki or Uusikaupunki just call me or send a short
message to the number below.
You would probably want to make a ride to helsinki for Saturday 15 when
there is a debian meeting somewhere around the railway station.

| fab@pukki.ntc.nokia.com     fpolacco@prosa.it    fpolacco@debian.org
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| fabrizio.polacco@nokia.com                  gsm: +358 (0)40 707 2468

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