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intent to package tcl8.0-ja


I have debianized tcl8.0-ja in Debian JP Project, that is,
Japanese extension of tcl8.0, and intent to upload it.

To upload it, some packages that depends on it can be uploaded
to debian, such as bookview.

This package is based on originally debianized version of tcl8.0
(thank for his work). The main difference between them is only
whether Japanese extension patch applied or not.

Thanks in advance

Masato Taruishi <taruis-m@jed.uec.ac.jp> | University of Electro Communications
                <taru@debian.or.jp>      |   Department of Computer Science
                <taru@sunicom.co.jp>     |              Junior
http://www.sunicom.co.jp/~taru/          |      Chofu city Tokyo, JAPAN  
   Key fingerprint = 49 46 74 E1 8D D1 EB 56  8D CA 2A 20 14 9E A9 25

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