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intend to package Camlp4

Hello, ....

Camlp4 is a Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml. It offers tools for
syntax (grammars) and the ability to modify the concrete syntax of the language
(quotations, syntax extensions).

The Objective Caml compiler has a special option "-pp", allowing to call any
preprocessor. If Camlp4 is used, the parsing is done (only once) by Camlp4, and the
Objective Caml compiler resumes the rest of the compilation (typing, code

Camlp4 can parse normal Ocaml concrete syntax or any other user-definable syntax.
As an example, an alternative syntax is provided, named revised, because it tries
to fix some small problems of the normal syntax.

Camlp4 can pretty print the normal Ocaml concrete syntax or the revised one. It is
therefore always possible to have a version of your sources compilable by the
compiler Objective Caml without preprocessing.

it can be found at :


and posses the same non-free license as ocaml had (modified work only in the form
of sources+patches, no binaries), but i am in communication with the author, who is
willing to change that ...

Still it will have to go in contrib, because it is written in ocaml, which is
non-free ...

Are we not too strict here ? 



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