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Re: debhelper v2

On Sun, May 02, 1999 at 11:04:02PM +0200, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:
> No. Configuration files should either a) be a conffile, or b) not be
> included in the package at all[1]. If policy allows otherwise, policy is
> wrong, IMHO.

Problem arises when there are two packages which share a conffile with
the former and there is no real clean solution for this even in the

At this point epic4 and (hopefully all of) the other ircII based clients
use /etc/irc/servers for their server list.  The file is 100% compatible
across the different versions and if it doesn't exist all that is done
with it is echo 'irc.debian.org:6667' > /etc/irc/servers...

Better solutions have been asked for at least three times, but nobody can
really think of any.  Closest we came was my thought about creating
/etc/irc/installed-clients which the compatible clients simply added or
removed themselves as required by install/purge and would delete the
servers file and /etc/irc when the last client was removed.

Of course, the postinst/postrm for this was a little odd and someone
wanted me to create a package with an update-irc script in it.  Of
course, if there was a seperate package there wouldn't NEED TO BE an
update-irc thing since the package would just have the single one line
file, marked as a conffile.

And a package for a one line file which just happens to be shared by less
than half a dozen packages maybe isn't much of a solution either.  It's
really messy and a big deal over nothing.  So the current create it if
necessary and leave it be.

Didn't someone write a dpkg patch that allowed for this kind of thing by
now or am I on something potent again?

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