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Re: debhelper v2

Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Another couple of requests:  I would love to see more use of
> complex_doit rather that doit when reading file lists.  It would be
> much nicer to be able to say README.* in one of the debhelper files
> than have to list all of the files explicitly.

No. This was never documented to work, never intended to work, and will soon
not work if you'll show me where it does work. :-) It's much more important
to me to not treat any character specially, so any filenames can be
specified. If you want wildcard expansion, you can get it on the debhelper
command line.

> Also, I think there was once a request to have all of the debhelper
> commands be able to take any necessary information from the command
> line instead of having to read files.

Indeed. Point me at places it doesn't and I'll try to add it.

see shy jo

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