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I've added more stuff to my Free Software and now General Philosophy web site!

Take a look!

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There are many rough edges to polish up, but the content and meaning is THERE.
And of course the meaning can always stand to be made clearer, by better choice
of words, and better English syntactic constructs...

Here's the site again:

Take a look some time! It might do you some good. :)

If anyone want's to help in this endeavor to clean up the writings or the web
site or both... they are all licensed for use under the GPL, version 2, so you
are cleared for take off!

The GPL is a wonderful piece of writing! Richard M. Stallman will undoubtedly go
down in history, and be immortalized forever, because of it!

The GPL is like a virus... but it is a GOOD virus... it inflicts you with
FREEDOM! Need I say more? :)

The wording is of course a little "obtuse" due to having to use words whose
definitions have stood the test of time in the US legal, and court systems, but
it is nonetheless one of THE GREAT works that has been produced by the great
thinkers of the United States of America, and more generally, of the Earth, and
even more generally, of all sentient beings that we are aware of in the Universe
as a whole! *whew*! :)

GPL! GPL! GPL! If it can't do it, nobody can! ;^)

I hope by writing what I have written, and continuing to do so, I have helped a
few others of us to grow, and learn, and think more than if I had not written
what I did. I hope what I'm doing will be beneficial to promoting the concepts
of Free Software, Open Spec. Hardware, Open Standards Development Processes or
Methodology, and in helping myself and others more fully in the grander scheme
of things, in the endeavor of the quest of attempting to understand more and
more of the ultimate "meaning" of "Life, the Universe, and Everything."

Live Long, and Prosper! ;^)

(I want to thank Douglas Adams, for all of his humorous science fiction
writings... and the Radio Shows! They made me laugh, and cry, and even split my
sides a few times, and generally helped me to think more and grow as a person,
as a human, and as a part of the larger and grander universe as a whole.)

What's wrong with being an Idealist?
What's wrong with being a  Utopian?
What's wrong with being a  Hard Headed Optimist?

Give me some lemons baby! Even rotten ones... I'll take the seeds, and grow some
fresh ones, and then whip up one *mean* pitcher of lemonade, and share it with
the world. :)

As long as you don't harm others in a general overall sense, I see nothing wrong
with being hard core all of the above, and then some... :)

Brock Lynn

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