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Re: Ian Jackson in Prague

Petr Cech writes ("Re: Ian Jackson in Prague"):
> Yes. Yes. and Yes. :))
> I study in Prague and I'm debian maintainer. And I think several other people
> would like o meet with you.
> We have here every thursday evening (17:20) at the faculty a Linux seminar,
> so we could do the meeting there.
> Looking forward to meeting you

Right, it seems I will be free on Thursday night.  If you get me
directions by 0800GMT tomorrow morning I can print them out, otherwise
we'll have to organise it when we get there.  Please mail me
directions and contact details to
as I shan't be able to read mail sent to ian@chiark while I'm in
Prague.  It's probable that I'll be able to access mail to
ijackson@chiark from the conference facilities.

In any case: I'm staying at the `Alta hotel', which is (I think this
is the address) at `Ortenovo namesti 22, Praha 7'.  I don't have a
phone number for it, I'm afraid.

Please leave me a message there with your phone number and/or other
contact information.

Which faculty are you referring to ?


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