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Re: Data sets/cd's

>   On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 07:15:38PM +0200, Richard B. Kreckel wrote:
>   > The idea was to create another distribution like data (and maybe
>   > data-non-free) so that people not interested in it can easily skip it.
>   > (Some CD resellers or weak mirrors e.g.) Any suggetions?
>   I would put it not only under a different distribution, but also under a
>   different part of the archive:
>   debian/dists/potato/main
>   debian/dists/potato/contrib
>   debian/dists/potato/non-free
>   debian-data/dists/potato/main
>   debian-data/dists/potato/contrib
>   debian-data/dists/potato/non-free
>   the main section would contain the free data. non-free would be non free
>   data and contrib would contain free data for which there aren't free tools
>   available. I don't know if this last bit is a good idea -- the data _is_
>   free and one would be able to reverse engineer the format.

Certainly, I don't think you need the data/.../contrib section. The others seem
Would there be a way of leaving the data on the cd's? i.e. you could either
install it, or instead of using all that disk space, you could just access it
from the cd.

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