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Re: Interactive installation [was Re: Caldera installation...]

>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Elphick <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

    Oliver> We need:

    Oliver> 1) a tool to let {pre,post}inst scripts get arbitrary data

    Oliver> In the postinst, I currently prompt for the date setting
    Oliver> and read the response.  I should like instead to say

    Oliver>   response=`dpkg-query package question`

    Oliver> dpkg-query should search its (text) database for
    Oliver> package,question and return the stored response; if
    Oliver> nothing is stored, it should prompt the user with the
    Oliver> question and store and return the response.

    Oliver> Additional options to dpkg-query should enable it to
    Oliver> extract data from the various other sources you mention
    Oliver> (ldap, xml, sql, ...) or from internationalised question
    Oliver> databases.

 It could connect to an `apt' frontend, or to a dialog thing, and use
 a GUI to get the response from the user also, couldn't it?  Isn't
 that the sort of thing that CORBA or a message bus like koalatalk is
 meant for?

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