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Re: [mingp@corel.ca: Anyone in Debian working on or following IPP to make it available on Linux???]

>Which BTW, is why I own an "old" HP LaserJet 5L, >which at least uses
>"de-facto" protocol, which for some years was quite >stable, and which
>is thus very well supported and stable.
>  Even the LJ5L I
>have is IMHO a lot to flimsy, and the trend goes on, >so in the future
>you'll probably either have to get a full >industrial-strength
>machine for >>$1000, or buy a new printer every >year...  

I have an even older hpljIII.  It is maybe not quite as fast as the LJ5
and maybe 1/2 the dpi but is built like a brick shit house and uses one
of the lowest cost toner cartridges out there.  My only regret is not
buying the 'D' version so I could do double sided printing.  But for
under $300 in used-reconditioned it was a good buy.  BTW if anyone has
an extra legal size paper tray for an HPII/III series printer they want
to get rid of let me know and we'll deal .....
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