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xfstt 0.9.99 uploaded - some news with it

Well I have uploaded the new xfstt 0.9.99.

As of this version I have become the maintainer so there is no longer
a seprate upstream version. I decided to save my sanity to merge the
two (since it easily compiles fine with make on non-debian systems).

Just wanted to let everyone know. This will be the last release before
1.0 (thats why I bumped it to 0.9.99 ..cuz I wanted to show that this
is the LAST 0.9 )

This version now does NOT run as root. Well..it starts as root...and 
the main aplication runs as root (to unlink its pid file)...but 
as soon as it fork()s ...the children setuid. The user to setuid to
is specified on the command line (if not specified then it defaults
to the user that it is already running as)

Few small bug fixes...whitespace should now work in the encodeings list...
new encodeings... the usual. 

In 2 weeks (give or take), if there is no major bugs found or other 
problems...I will promote this version, with any small bugfixes or changes 
that come up to version 1.0


if anyone has any ideas or changes they wanna make lemme know :)


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