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Re: starting problem

Jelmar Andree <jelmar@xs4all.nl> writes:

> I'm a contended Debian user but now ,unexpected, I've a problem.with for
> me unknown reason.
> When booting all kind of things are started.
> at; 'starting printer spooler: lpd' nothing happens anymore, even after
> 15 minutes. I can only switch of the computer.
> with a rescue-disk i could come in the system and i could somewhere find
> the next message; (I don't know anymore how and where)
> 'attempt to acces beyond end of devic16:03 rw=0, want=33, limit=1
> isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 16:03 iso_blknum 16 block 32.
> Kernel panic.VFS:unable to mount root fs on 16:03' ( So what  ;-).I
> think I gonna sleep)
> The next day, this evening, via LILO " linux init=/bin/sh" i came again
> in the system.And after mounting " mount -w -n -o remount /; mount -a"
> I deleted out of rcd2  @S20lprng ( a little time without printer) and I
> rebooted after unmounting.
> And gone was the hang at starting lpd, but now the bootingproces stopped
> at this
> ' starting deferred execution scheduler; atd' moment.
> I really don't know what to do and I don't know why this problem and I
> don't want to re-install slink

Have you checked, if the kernel detects the geometry of your hd
correctly? If not supply the correct geometry as a lilo append
"hdc=x,y,z" line (have a look at

16:03 means hexdeciamal 0x16: 0x03 == 22,3 == /dev/hdc3. 

Which kernel and harddrive are you using?

I hope I pointed in the right direction,


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