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Re: branden's xfree 3331 packages vanished?

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Johnie Ingram wrote:

> Fully compiled on i386:
> 	      1540930 xfree86-1-
> Which is larger than I thought, actually.  Also note dpkg-buildpackage
thanx. That is really _a lot_... I used to build it on one removable MO
media (504MB)...

I have been able to tweak it a little here on the 1GB partition by deleting
the files in upstream/ after the build has started, I got a few debs ready
before the build failed since I had not installed all necessary libs.
As I see it the upstream files are only needed once for unpacking, well
saves only about 16MB, but its a beginning. Does it really have to be that
big? It causes some inconveniance for me as I have to delete (parts of) my
debian mirror at home to build it at all for m68k. And our m68k machine on
the net, if it ever gets alive again, doesnt even have that much diskspace
I do not want to complain, I know xfree is a beast, maybe it realy has
tripled in size since

> doesn't honor TMPDIR (a long-standing Bug) so / needs to be big enough
> for xlib6g-dev.deb.
The root directory? Or the directory where the build takes place?


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