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Hey, Y'all, check out my new improved "Free Software Research Paper Project" web site!


That's the address. Give it a click!

It's not the prettiest web site for sure, and it's not nearly even cranked up
yet... so beware the rough edges... they are sharp. But have a look. I'd like to
get some good feedback. Criticisms and compliments, and everything in between.
But all I ask is that you try to keep a positive focus. Negative emails, not
intended to help this project move forward will be sent to /dev/null, otherwise
known as he "bit bucket". (The unix geeks will understand that one :^)

And I realize there are grammatical errors and typos all over it, and probably,
even, *gasp* a few factual mistakes... but you are the review board...

It's a joint effort.

I'm developing this paper by an Open Development Model procedure.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so get those comments rolling
in, and if I incorporate your ideas, you can be assured you will get credit.

And if I do forget to add credit where I might has missed something, let me
know, I *will* correct it. :)

I'm a firm believer in "Egoboo" the concept that you get a boost of ego, when
you are given credit publicly for good works.

Wish me luck.

I plan on giving a presentation of this sucker in a powerpointish style format,
(probably using GNUPoint :) at the upcoming USENIX/FREENIX conference in
Monterey, CA, this coming June 6-11, 1999. :)


It will be presented as either a "Work in Progress" (wip) or at an informal
"Birds of a Feather Session" (BoF). But probably the latter.


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