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Re: German Dictionary (fwd)

On 29 Apr 1999, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> I don't understand, why there should be any conversion at all. If I
> want to look up "Straße", I type that in, not "Strasse".
> Or is this for the one who can't enter these characters? In this case: 
> how about providing a toolbar, with buttons for the umlaute, so one
> can click on one of them to input it if needed?
I think providing a toolbar or any additional stuff is harder than
giving the user the chance to work around 8-Bit code.  Unfortunately
it is a fact (and will be a fact for the next years :-( ) that there
are problems with 8-Bit characters and we have to prepare our
program for that.  A toolbar wouldn't make any sense if you think
of of using the program on the console or if you think of translating
the cut-n-paste buffer of X.
> It would be cool it the database could be converted into the dict
> format (where clients etc. are available), but dict is only one way,
> so the database had to be duplicated to also do lookups the other way.
That's right.  The best way would be if Xstreak would use dict.
Than we would have to support only one database.

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