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Re: German Dictionary (fwd)

     I mentioned this to you last August, but you were very busy at the
time, and I have forgotten to follow up.  The current thread about
steak reminded me.

     Marcel Hild <hild@id-pro.net> has hacked one of the dict
formatting programs to work with a german<>english dictionary with
approx 100,000 keywords from ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/comp/doc/dict.
All of the dict programs are GPL, so the patches must be as well.

     I asked him about the copyright status of his work.  He replied:

> sure, it's gpl'ed. at least i think so. the wordlists are from
>  ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/comp/doc/dict
> and there's nothing about copyrights nor licenses.
> but i will contact the maintainers of www.leo.org/dict
> about the status, though they are a little bit obscure.

     I would appreciate it if you, or another German speaker on this
list, would look into that ftp site to try to discover the copyright
status of the dictionary.

     If it is DFSG free, I could package it with Marcel Hild's
formatter as part of the dict suite.  Marcel's work is available from

     Instead of writing a perl script to look up words in steak, I
suggest you look into the DICT protocol, and consider modifying some
of the Dict Project's programs to work with steak.  I am sure dict is
much faster than any grep/sed or perl scripts can be.

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