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Re: KDE debs

Quoting Bart Warmerdam <bartw@xs4all.nl>:

> Plz. don't upload packages from faure. It's still a slink machine...
> Wait untill its fully converted to Potato before building there! Lets not
> upload slink packages for a potato distribution.

That's understandable. :)

My main goal currently is just to start building my packages on other
platforms...that way I can see first hand how things differ.  Slink is perfect
for that as alot of people who need/want the packages I maintain use slink (as
alot of people are still tending to stear clear of potato due to glibc2.1
fears).  The autobuild folks have my back covered for now so I currently have no
plans to upload any .deb's I create to any place by my personal home page until
I am comfortable with the outcome of the builds.  :)

I remember someone stating a while back about cross-development...something
along the lines of "Please don't!!!  unless you absolutely know what your
doing"....  which is my intent...to figure out what I need to do. :)


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