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Re: RFC: debhelper v2

Joseph Carter wrote:
> > * Standardize on the name used for the temporary build directory of a
> >   package. Currently it's debian/tmp/ for the first package and 
> >   debian/<package>/ for other packages of a multi-binary package. I'm
> >   considering debian/<package>/ for all packages, or perhaps
> >   debian/tmp/<package>/ or perhaps debian/<package>-tmp/ . Of course making
> >   this change means a certain amount of changes will be needed to make any
> >   package work with v2.
> I would go for debian/package or debian/tmp/package.  One of those,
> anyway.  I prefer the former but it might not be possible if you go with
> debian/foo below.

Another option is debian/tmp-<package>. This has only one thing going for it -
it's what the packaging manual suggests.

> >     stupider - stop automatically finding manpages, require the user to tell
> >                it what files are man pages and where they go. Much more
> >                consistent with other debhelper programs.
> more stupid.  Less I have to do by hand getting around current behavior.

I'm glad people are agreeing with me here.

> I actually think that things would be cleaner looking if the files were
> foo.package rather than package.foo, but that might be too much of a
> change to make.

Nah, I prefer keeping the package name first, it tends to group files used
by a package together if you ls, which seems like a good thing to me.

see shy jo

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