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Re: RFC: debhelper v2

On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 10:06:57PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> It's become clear over the past half year or so that some of the historical
> baggage debhelper inherited from debstd is holding it back. So I'd like to
> start revamping debhelper and getting rid of these historical
> inconsitencies, to make debhelper programs as clean and as easy to learn as
> possible.


> But now that we have a large base of packages that depend on the current
> debhelper behavior, I have to make sure that those packages continue to
> build with any changes I make to debhelper.

Hmm, while I am playing with asclassic over the next few days I amy have
thoughts on new functions or functions that could be nicer.  I'll offer
them as I come up with them.

> I think I have a solution - starting with debhelper version 2, debhelper
> will continue to behave as it does now by default. If a special environement
> variable, DH_COMPAT, is set to 2 or above, it will change over to using the
> new, clean functionality. This will of course be accopmplished easily by
> setting the variable at the top of debian/rules.

This is the right solution.  I think with a few tweaks to dh_make (a lot
of people use this don't they?) it could be very easy to implement the
change cleanly.

> So what remains is figuring out what to change. I'm looking for feedback on
> this, so if some aspect of debhelpor has bothered you but couldn't be
> changed without breaking backwards compatability, now's the time to bring it
> to my attention. Here's some things I could change:

Comments littered about as I feel like it.  =>  Stuff I don't comment on
you're free to consider my opinion to be "go for it!"

> * Standardize on the name used for the temporary build directory of a
>   package. Currently it's debian/tmp/ for the first package and 
>   debian/<package>/ for other packages of a multi-binary package. I'm
>   considering debian/<package>/ for all packages, or perhaps
>   debian/tmp/<package>/ or perhaps debian/<package>-tmp/ . Of course making
>   this change means a certain amount of changes will be needed to make any
>   package work with v2.

I would go for debian/package or debian/tmp/package.  One of those,
anyway.  I prefer the former but it might not be possible if you go with
debian/foo below.

> * dh_installmanpages needs to be made much smarter, or much stupider. I
>   prefer making it stupider, it's much too DWIM-ish already.
>     smarter - parse .TH lines in manpages, look at binaries with names
>               matching manpages do anything else possible to get manpages
>               installed into the right directory and section. (#16933, #17061)
>     stupider - stop automatically finding manpages, require the user to tell
>                it what files are man pages and where they go. Much more
>                consistent with other debhelper programs.

more stupid.  Less I have to do by hand getting around current behavior.

> * I've observed that large multi-binary packages end up with an unruly
>   debian/ directory with all the <package>.* files in it. It may make sense
>   to make debhelper use debian/<package>/* instead. Of course this requires
>   that directory is no longer used as the temporary build directory.

I actually think that things would be cleaner looking if the files were
foo.package rather than package.foo, but that might be too much of a
change to make.

> * Debhelper could be changed to look at only debian/<package>.<foo> instead 
>   of looking at debian/<foo> also as it does in some cases now. The advantage
>   is just a simpler UI, you don't have to be concerend about what's the first
>   binary package listed in the control file anymore. A disadvantage is longer
>   filenames. This could be combined with the subdirectory idea, giving us
>   debian/<package>/foo, but that seems a little silly if your package only
>   generates one binary package.

I wouldn't object to that.

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they DON'T have anything like our policy.  That's one of the main reasons
why their packages are so crappy and broken.  Debian has the teamwork
side of building a distribution down to a fine art."

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